Friday, May 30, 2014

Doctoral Graduation 2014

I'm a Doctoral Graduate, Now Where Do I Go? 

Mark Sivy graduation
My dissertation is done and I've graduated with my doctorate in educational leadership and instructional systems technology (human performance technology). This brings to an end the long doctoral program journey for this mid-career professional-gone-student. I'm perhaps unlike many who pursue a doctorate to gain a title, go into academia, increase their salary, get greater respect or become an expert in a specialized field. No, my primary purpose for going down this life-altering path was to professionally step back, take a deep breath, and acquire the knowledge, research skills, and theoretical appreciation that would give  new perspective and meaning to my years of practical experience, wisdom, and abilities in educational technology, e-learning, talent development, and educational leadership.

Did I accomplish what I expected? Yes and more! On the surface I knew I was pursuing a doctorate in educational leadership with a specialization in instructional systems technology. Done! Then there was the strengthening of self-motivation, self-esteem, self-efficacy and indomitable character that enabled the completion of years of coursework and research, all while moving into an unknown future. Made it! My studies included organizational theory, advanced instructional design, policy, learning theory, educational technology, instructional systems, statistical analysis, program evaluation, leadership, research design, and more. These met my hopes and needs! Then came the freedom to openly explore new innovations, strategies, methodologies, and trends in the areas of e-learning, talent development, learning design, virtual schools, mobile learning, and learning programs. Icing on the cake!

Mark Sivy Graduation

I've now regrouped and turned my focus to the future. I truly do feel an energetic enlightenment, a clarity and new understanding in approaching the complexities and intricate inter-relationships of situational dynamics, considerations, and possibilities. These are encountered at every turn in life and range from momentary thoughts to daily activities to major projects. In each instance, there is an available expanse of knowledge, talents, and strategies upon which to reach a variety of outcomes. I now feel a greater preparedness, confidence, resolve, and inspiration as I continue my march forward.